SK500 PCB Version Frame with Full Carbon Fiber Landing Gear for Photography

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S500 carbon black arm tripod: Tripod vertical height of 170.

PCB version hardness stronger, each machine arm built the whole carbon fiber rods to strengthen .center board can be soldered directly to reconcile the electrical plug and the use of 5μm copper specifications, higher than the peer specification, can carry more current version .

A specially designed for aerial designed four-axis rack entry-level aerial preferred cost-effective rack.
The arm draws DJI S800 EVO mechanical design and optimize flight performance.
Dihedral machine arm, the increased flight stability while minimizing efficiency of the power loss.
Superhard machine arm, carbon fiber plastic composite material, any of a plastics machine arm beyond the strength of the market.
Tin motor mounting position, the motor is compatible with the vast majority of the market (including ordinary disc motor and the motor.)
Battery hold fast-loading design. Battery replacement quick and easy.
Center-plate size, the perfect mount H3-2D head.
Product Name: SK S500 four-axis rack (PCB version)
Wheelbase: 485mm

Package Include:
SK500 Frame *1
Landing Gear

  • Model: SK500 Frame
  • Units in Stock300

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