25/200/600mW Adjustable Video Transmission for First Person View PitMode Beltflight/Cleanflight OSD Setting Raceband 5V BEC for Camera Support PWM

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  Adjustable 4 powers:25mW/200mW/600mW/PitMode
  CE/FCC certified- Default lock to restrict the power at 25mW/PitMode and channels within legal bands in many countries
  Clean powerup and channel switching without interference to others
  Beltflight/Cleanflight OSD setting of power,bands,channels and PitMode
  Overheating protection in case of premature damage.
  Additional protection allows for powering up without antenna 
  PitMode(power is set to OFF) - test and set your quad without interference to others
  Channel changes and PitMode setting through PWM
  2-6S input power supported
  5V BEC output for camera,RC receiver
  36x36 mm Standard size(30.5x30.5 mm mounting holes)

Frequency: 5.8G 48CH
Transmitting Power:25mW/200mW/600mW/OFF
Power supply:DC 6-25V(2-6S)
Supply current(12V):140mA(25mW)/250mA(200mW)/300mA(600mW) 
Power output: DC 5V (800mA max)
Antenna impedance: 50 ohm
Antenna connector:MMCX ( RP-SMA FemalePigtail)
Weight:7.3 g
Dimension:36*36*7.65 mm 
User manual:
 1.Unlock & Lock 
  Default status of transmitter is in lock so that the power and some channels are not selected until the transmitter is unlocked(For HAM users only) . 
  Press and hold the button C for almost 20 seconds on power up can lock or unlock the transmitter(dot on the digital display will flares until the L or U is on when hold the button).
  When L is on the digital display for seconds after power up indicates that the transmitter is in lock status while U on the digital display indicates that it is in unlock status. 
  2. Power setting (in unlock)
  Press and hold the button P to choose the power of 25mW/200mW/600mW.
  Use two short press to turn on/off the transmitting(Pitmode  setting) and then the Red LED will be twinkles( on and off alternatively) or not respectively. When power is set to OFF(Pitmode is effective), you can set bands and channels without interference to others.The AV transmitting distance is only within 1-2 meters  when it is in Pitmode.
  Only the Red LED is on when the power is set to 25mW,both two lights of Red and Blue LED are on when set to 200mW, All three lights Red,Blue and Green are on when set to 600mW. 
  3. Band and channel setting
  Press and hold the button C to choose the band A-b-c-d-E-F(circle).
  Press the button repeatedly to choose the channel 1-8(circle).
  When PWM port is connected with a RC receiver, it can been used to change AV channels 1-8 and to shut transmitting ( Pitmode in effect)by a RC. Make sure that there is a PWM signal from the receiver within 3 seconds after powering up ,otherwise the transmitter is back to button-press setting mode . When in the setting mode of PWM, the dot on the digital display will glow  
  Betaflight/Cleanflight OSD setting of power,bands,channels and Pitmode is supported, referring to ‘5.8G AV TX OSD Setting’for details.  

   The selections in red is inaccessible when the transmitter is locked. 

     1.Make sure that there is enough space for airflow when installing the module   on the drone in case the overheating protection starts to reduce the power even to shut down at the worst.
     2. Please install the antenna before powering up for a longer use life.
     3. Note that the use of transmitter in unlock status may violate the local
regulations in your country..  
     4.The maximum current of output DC 5V is 800mA.

Package Include:
 Switchable 25/200/600mW 48CH Video Transmitter *1

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