T610AC 1-6 Cells Lipo/Lihv/Life Battery Charger 100W

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1. High efficiency power conversion circuit design,unique and advanced charging technology ensures fast and accurate battery charging. 
2. This balanced Charger has a built-in balancer dedicated to charging the lithium battery series, effectively extend the service life of lithium batteries.
3.3.2-inch touchscreen, can display a wealth of content at the same time, including current, total voltage, charge, charging time, external temperature, single battery voltage, single battery voltage difference and so on information. 
4. Built-in power supply, English display, touch screen control.
5. Rich feature settings to meet a variety of usage needs, such as automatic balance charging, ordinary charging, fast charging, cycle filling, storage mode and discharge and other functions. 
6. Rich system settings, maximum output power adjustment, low input voltage cutoff, single-section target voltage adjustment (TVC), key sound, safety time, safety cutoff temperature and safety cutoff power and other parameters adjustment. 
7. A variety of security protection systems, input/output reverse protection, high/low input voltage protection, temperature cutoff protection, battery overcharge protection, safe time and other protection.

1. Operating voltage range: 11-18V(DC) 100-240V(AC)
2. Charge current range:  0.1-10A
3. Discharge current range: 0.1-0.2A
4. Circuit power: max. charge power 100W 
5. Max.discharge power: 10W 
6. Current drain for balancing Li-po: 350mAh/cell 

7. NiCd/NiMH battery cell count: 1~16 cells 
8. LiPo/LiHv/LiFe/Liion cell count: 1-6 cells 
9. Pb battery voltage: 2 - 20V ;

Weight: 520g

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