B6AC 80W Multi Function Balance Charger Dual Power AC Adapter

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Product Features
1 optimized operating software When charging or discharging, the B6AC80W automatically controls the feed current. Especially for lithium batteries, it can stop overcharging due to user error and even cause explosions. Or automatically disconnect the circuit and provide the necessary alarms when the error is connected. All programs of this product are controlled by two-way connectivity and communication to achieve the safest state, generally without problems.
All settings can be achieved by setting up the software!

2 built-in independent lithium battery balancer
B6AC+ has a built-in single-chip battery voltage balancer, so when charging lithium, you no longer need to connect an external balancer to achieve balanced charging.

3 single-block battery balanced discharge
In the lithium battery pack during the discharge process, B6AC+ can also monitor and balance each battery separately, if which battery voltage is not normal, the wrong information will be prompted and automatically abort the operation!

4 can be applied to a variety of lithium batteries BC6 can be applied to a variety of lithium batteries, such as Lilo,LiPo and the latest Life series batteries.
Because of the differences in chemical properties, you can choose any one of them.

5 "Fast charge" and "storage" modes for lithium batteries
Charging lithium batteries has different purposes, "fast" charging can reduce charging time, "storage" mode can control the end voltage of the battery, so that it can be stored for a long time, and protect the service life of the battery.

6 Maximize Security
Triangle pressure Drop Induction:
An automatic charging current shutdown program that works by a triangular pressure drop: when the battery voltage rises to its highest point and starts to drop back, the charging current is turned off until the charge is complete.

7 Automatic Charging current limit:
When NiCd or NiMH is charged in automatic mode, you can set the upper limit of the charging current, which is useful for low resistance and small capacity NiMH batteries to charge in automatic mode.

8 Capacity limit: The charging capacity is calculated by multiplying the charging current by the charging time.
With the highest charging value set, the program automatically stops charging when the charging capacity exceeds the maximum limit.

9 Temperature limit: When charging, the temperature will increase correspondingly due to the internal chemical reaction of the battery. If a temperature limit is set for the charger, the program will force the end of the charge when the temperature reaches the maximum limit, this feature requires an external temperature sensor implementation.

10 Charging time limit: limiting charging time can also prevent damage to the battery due to operational errors.

11 Input Current Monitor: In order to protect the vehicle battery used as AC input without damage to the current input, its voltage is monitored all the time, when the voltage drops to the lower limit, the charging process shuts down automatically.

12 Most user-friendly model professional charger
There are specially formulated model proprietary receiver charging socket, transmitter charging socket, ignition electric charging socket, as well as universal crocodile clip and other models commonly used charging socket.

13 The most convenient lithium battery balance special socket, with a separate 2,3,4,5,6 charging socket, as well as an external reverse line

14 Data Storage/Loading For the convenience of users, this product can store data for up to five different batteries.
You can save data on the battery's continuous charging/discharging program, which can be called when you need it, without having to set this step separately for the program!

15 Cyclic charging/discharging Continuous cycle charge/discharge or discharge/charge can be repeated 1-5 times. Maximize the activity of activating the battery.

1. Operating voltage range: 11-18V(DC) 
     AC to DC adaptor (DC11.0-18.0V/5A) 
2. Charge current range:  0.1-6A
3. Discharge current range: 0.1-2A
4. Circuit power: max. charge power 80W 
5. Max.discharge power: 10W 
6. Current drain for balancing Li-po: 300mAh/cell 

7. NiCd/NiMH battery cell count: 1~15 cells 
8. LiPo/LiHv/LiFe/Liion cell count: 1-6 cells 
9. Pb battery voltage: 2 - 20V ;

Weight: 855g 

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